Livingstones Rock Ranch

Geo-Adventure 2014


During the average 2 hour adventure tour, guests will have the opportunity to hike through fields of wildflowers and pine forest while learning about local geological formative events and how they impacted the formation of our aquifer; inspect rocks from Mt. Spokane, a metamorphic core complex; see glacial erratics in the foothills of Mica Peak and lake bottom sedimentary rocks found on mountain-tops in North Idaho!

Then it's on to the Mineral Museum and Identification Lab, where students get hands-on experiments with Moh's hardness scale, handle fossils and ores from around the world, and see a variety of interactive displays of rock types, crystal formations and the processes of mining important minerals from Earth's crust.

And then the frenzy begins when we head to Gem Hill to dig for iron pyrite, quartz and fluorite crystals, obsidian, agate, petrified wood, jaspers and many more exciting rocks and minerals. The best part is taking home everything you find to add to your own collection. It's all yours to keep!

Geo-Adventure Rates:


General Admission for Public Events:
 $17.50 per person  (under six free w/paid adult)

School & Scout Field Trips - Less than 30 paid guests:



 $12.50 Digger


$7.50 Non-Digger

School & Scout Field Trips - 30 or more paid guests:

$10.00 Digger

$5.00 Non-Digger

Note: The teacher and one chaperone for every ten students are admitted free.

Also note: Minimum group adventure fee is $250.00

Call today to check on available dates: Steve Livingstone @ (509) 270-9076