As of April 1, 2015, all geo-adventures and digs have been suspended, pending Steve's rehab from another back surgery. Please check back after June 15, 2015.




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Welcome to the Livingstones Rock Ranch Website !


The Rock Ranch is a veritable amusement park for rockhounds, geology students and the whole family that wants to get reacquainted with dirt and the treasures in contains.  The Geo-Adventure has become the #1 field trip for over a hundred local schools, with students taking over 75,000 lbs. of rock collections back to the classroom in the last six years!


Since opening in 2007, Steve Livingstone has guided hundreds of groups on their own geo-adventure here at the Rock Ranch.  First stopping at the Rock Lab, students will examine a variety of ores, minerals and gemstones under a microscope;  test rocks for hardness and learn to identify certain minerals by their streak color. Then a tour of the main collection and the fluorescent minerals display will complete our time in the museum. 


Finally the payoff for this hour of education:  it’s into the field to dig and sort for gemstones and minerals of all types.  Use what you’ve learned to dig and it’s “finders keepers” at the Gem Pit.



The Geo-Adventure 2015 for group field trips will consist of three parts. Students and guests may participate in one, two or all three parts: 

1) Your Field Trip at the Rock Ranch


Schedule your own geo-adventure between April 1 & October 31.   During your 2-hour outing, you will tour the Northwest Mineral Museum and gain hands-on experience in the Rock & Gem Lab.  Then it’s hit the dirt to begin the “Gemstone Scramble” where you’ll learn to dig for dozens of gem & mineral specimens. Look closely, because you get to keep what you find! At the end of your day, all students receive their “Jr. Geologist Club” card and a free ticket to any regularly scheduled “Big Dig”.


Field Trips run from April 1 to October 31; open for groups of 20 to 100.



First 20 minimum: $12.50 = $250.
25 to 50 people: $10 each
50 to 100 people:  CALL

2) The Big Dig!



At the end of each month, Livingstones Rock Ranch will host a “Big Dig”.  This 3-hour event is open to the public and all ages.  Guests will participate in all the same activities as in Part 1, and additionally, an expanded rock & mineral dig will provide the possibility of taking home specimens of petrified wood, thundereggs, quartz crystals, fool’s gold & many more if you can find them!





1 Free Big Dig w/Jr. G. Coupon  or
Gen. Admission:

$15 Digger
$10 Non-Digger

3)  The Junior Geologist Club



On the days of the Big Digs, we will also hold the monthly meeting of the Jr. Geologists Club, where students & guests will have the opportunity to learn a little about a different mineral or rock each month. Show your Jr. G Club card in the Gift Shop for Special Discounts on all merchandise!




  • “Grandpa, this is the best day of my life!”     (Heard several times each year) 


Mr. Livingstone, this is the best field trip ever!   (Voted #1 by thousands of students)


  • “Mr. Livingstone, this is the best field trip in 25 years of teaching!”

   (Voted #1 by dozens of science teachers)                                                                                        




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